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              Appeal No. 1998-0160                                                                                      
              Application No. 08/529,330                                                                                

                     Schmidt ‘905 discloses a “panoramic view apparatus” that may include an active                     
              ranging system, as detailed in Figures 1 and 2, and column 3, lines 53 through 65.  As                    
              shown in Figure 1, laser emitter 36 emits radiation which is reflected by mirrors 37 and 38,              
              and finally reflected toward the object to be measured by “lookout mirror” 8.  The emitted                
              radiation does not pass through the “daylight visual system,” which includes prism 12 and                 
              lens 13.  See Schmidt ‘905, column 2, lines 47-54.  The emitted beam is, instead, offset                  
              from the “day objective lens,” and passes through an unlabeled aperture shown in Figure 1.                
                     Combining the Schmidt ‘905 teaching with the disclosure of Schmidt ‘757 would                      
              appear to result in, at best, emitting radiation for ranging through “night light corrector lens”         
              11 (Schmidt ‘757 Figure 1), rather than through “daylight objective lens” 22.  The Iizuka                 
              reference teaches correction of chromatic aberration in a common objective lens for a                     
              laser beam and an infrared light (see, for example, page 3 of the English translation,                    
              “Purpose of the invention”).  The teaching appears to be more relevant to the infrared                    
              viewing system of Schmidt ‘757, as opposed to the optical system which includes “daylight                 
              objective lens” 22.  Hatfield discloses, with particular reference to column 2, line 37 through           
              column 3, line 54, a visible/laser assembly 11 (Figure 1) including a laser 22 which emits                
              radiation toward a target using beamsplitters 20 and 24.  We do not find the disclosure of                
              Hatfield to be of any particular relevance to the argued limitation of Claim 16.                          

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