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          Appeal No. 1998-0660                                                        
          Application No. 08/584,501                                                  

          admitted prior system allows customers participating in rides               
          at a theme park to select and obtain a print of an image of                 
          themselves on the ride.  All equipment is located at the                    
          particular ride.  The disclosed invention provides for a                    
          customer identification device for the customer to selectively              
          activate the camera.  Upon selection, the digital image and                 
          customer identification are transmitted to a central image                  
          processor via a high bandwidth network.  An output station,                 
          also connected to the network, allows the customer to display,              
          select and print images at a later time and place.  The output              
          station includes a customer identification device to access                 
          images associated with the identified customer.  The system of              
          the present invention reduces the number of output devices                  
          that are needed by providing a central output device that can               
          be fed by a plurality of image capture devices.  Since the                  
          output station may be located in a convenient location remote               
          from the theme park, such as in a hotel adjacent the theme                  
          park, the customer is freed from carrying around pictures and               
          can order the prints at leisure.                                            
               Independent claim 1 is reproduced as follows:                          


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