Ex parte EOM et al. - Page 2

              Appeal No. 1998-0938                                                                                       
              Application 08/377,532                                                                                     

              thereof.  On page 15 of the specification, appellants disclose that Figure 1 illustrates a                 
              communication system of the present invention.  In Figure 1, a data transmission/re-                       
              ception device is attached to an existing printer (100) for adapting the printer (100) to                  
              function as a facsimile machine, and for enabling the printer (100) not only to print both                 
              image signals from a host computer (400) and facsimile messages from a remote facility,                    
              such as either a remote fax machine (300) or a remote computer (200) via a private                         
              service telephone network, but also transmits the facsimile messages received from either                  
              the remote fax machine (300) or the remote computer (200) to the host computer (400) for                   
              a visual display on a  computer screen and in accordance with the user's selection.  On                    
              pages 15 and 16 of the specification, appellants disclose that Figure 2 shows  the                         
              preferred embodiment of the data transmission/reception device according to the present                    
              invention.  Appellants disclose that the fax/modem transmission/reception unit which is                    
              newly added to a well-known electrophotographic printer according to the present                           
              invention, comprises a ring heard detector (28) for detecting a ring signal indicative of a                
              facsimile reception; a modular/demodular (26) for demodulating the data transferred from                   
              the remote facsimile (300) and modulating the data supplied from a host computer (400)                     
              connected to a printer; a control part (22) and (29) for controlling the                                   
              modulator/demodulator (26) to start the facsimile reception if the                                         


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