Ex parte THIERRY - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-1079                                                        
          Application No. 08/572,166                                                  

          elements for the braided insulating sheath of Clouet, as                    
          modified, in order to provide a long life performance to the                
          insulating sheath as taught by Kurzböck.                                    
               Appellant argues that Clouet is concerned with the                     
          electrical continuity of the metal sheath elements and does                 
          not suggest anything about a “protecting means,” as claimed.                
          As for the examiner’s reliance on Sawyer for the “protecting                
          means,” appellant contends that the braided elements B and D                
          of Sawyer, made of soft material such as cotton, India-rubber               
          and gutta-percha, are nothing more than insulators and cannot               
          act as “protecting means.”  Appellant further argues that                   
          Sawyer does not suggest an electromagnetic shielding system                 
          comprising a network of metal sheath elements, as required by               
          claim 1.  Still further, appellant contends that Sawyer                     
          teaches nothing about a problem with abrasion caused by an                  
          electromagnetic shielding system and so there would have been               
          no reason to add a protective element to Clouet’s bundle of                 
          conductors.  With regard to Kurzböck, appellant asserts that                
          this reference is directed to a rope and not an electrical                  
          conductor and that this reference fails to teach a need to                  
          protect the rope against frictional wear caused by one of its               

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