Ex parte AKIBA et al. - Page 4

              Appeal No. 1998-2204                                                                                            
              Application No. 08/470,432                                                                                      

                                                 The anticipation rejection                                                   
                      Anticipation is established only when a single prior art reference discloses, expressly or              
              under the principles of inherency, each and every element of a claimed invention.  RCA Corp.                    
              v. Applied Digital Data Sys., Inc., 730 F.2d 1440, 1444, 221 USPQ 385, 388 (Fed. Cir.                           
              1984).  In other words, there must be no difference between the claimed invention and the                       
              reference disclosure, as viewed by a person of ordinary skill in the field of the invention.                    
              Scripps Clinic & Research Found. v. Genentech Inc., 927 F.2d 1565, 1576, 18 USPQ2d                              
              1001, 1010 (Fed. Cir. 1991).                                                                                    
                      Claim 26 requires "a relatively soft shock absorbing member" interposed between the                     
              rod pipe and fishline guide member "for absorbing shock therebetween."  The sleeve 15 of                        
              Barnett relied upon by the examiner as meeting this limitation is of "reinforcing material, ideally             
              that of the rod blank sections" provided to compensate for the weakening of the rod due to                      
              formation of the opening 10 therein (column 3, lines 5-9).  The rod material, and hence the                     
              sleeve 15, is ideally formed from glass reinforced plastics material (column 5, lines 17-18).  In               
              light of this disclosure, we consider unreasonable the examiner's position, stated on page 5 of                 
              the answer, that the sleeve 15 is "a relatively soft shock absorbing member."                                   
                      In proceedings before it, the PTO applies to the verbiage of claims the broadest                        
              reasonable meaning of the words in their ordinary usage as they would be understood by one                      
              of ordinary skill in the art, taking into account whatever enlightenment by way of definitions or               


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