Ex parte GLOVER - Page 5

            Appeal No. 1998-2482                                                                              
            Application No. 08/533,429                                                                        

                   However, that being said, a reference is good for all that it teaches and in Figure        
            3B, Hadley shows the flexible gasket strip, per se, without any application in a groove.          
            Independent claim 1 merely requires a “gasket system,” of which the flexible gasket of            
            Hadley is one, and that gasket system must have “a pair of deflectable leg members                
            disposed relative to each other to cause said leg members to deflect away from each               
            other.”  The flexible gasket member shown in Figure 3B of Hadley clearly meets that               
            limitation.  Without a groove to impede the movement, from the shape of Hadley’s gasket,          
            it is clear that pressure from the top down on the gasket will cause the legs of the gasket to    
            “deflect away from each other,” as claimed.  The remainder of claim 1 merely recites that         
            the legs are deflected away from each other “when said gasket system is positioned                
            between two opposing substrates and the substrates are drawn together so that said leg            
            members provide dual contact with one of the substrates to substantially attenuate                
            electromagnetic interference across said gasket system.”  Accordingly, this remaining             
            language sets forth no positive defining structure.  The gasket of Hadley is clearly for the      
            purpose of shielding components from electromagnetic interference.  Since the claim               
            recites what will happen “when” the gasket is positioned between two substrates, but does         
            not recite the specifics of the intended structure, it is clear that Hadley’s gasket will also act
            in the same way “when” it is placed between two substrates and those substrates are               
            drawn together.                                                                                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007