Ex parte ARRIS et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1998-2501                                                        
          Application No. 08/534,149                                                  

               Applying Kukreja to claim 15, taking Figure 1 of Kukreja               
          for example, it is seen that the reference does disclose an                 
          apparatus for opening a door 26 in a tape cartridge 20 with                 
          the door having a rear edge.  The cartridge is inserted to be               
          mounted in a tape drive 10.  The tape drive clearly has a                   
          chassis and a magnetic head.  The Kukreja apparatus also has a              
          rotating arm (lever 402 of door opening mechanism 360, best                 
          shown in Figure 11b), and the arm is rotatably mounted to the               
          chassis through pivot pin 404 such that the rotating arm is                 
          free to move in an arc.  The rotating arm also has a door                   
          engaging end (foot portion 409 and toe portion 410) and this                
          door engaging end is positioned so that when the cartridge is               
          inserted into the tape drive, the rear edge of the door is                  
          forced against the door engaging end of the rotating arm,                   
          forcing the door open.  We also note that Kukreja does show                 
          the door 26 covering an opening in an edge wall of the tape                 
          cartridge and a reasonable interpretation would be that when                
          the tape cartridge is inserted into the tape drive, the edge                
          wall is, indeed, “moving toward the magnetic head,” as                      


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Last modified: November 3, 2007