Ex parte HAN et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-2596                                                        
          Application 08/522,222                                                      

          to an on-chip memory based on predictions as to what                        
          instructions a computer will probably execute after the                     
          instruction in progress has been completed.  The invention is               
          primarily concerned with the manner of caching prefetched                   
          instructions which are not subsequently referenced by the                   
          Representative claim 1 is reproduced as follows:                            
               1.  An instruction prefetching method wherein instruction              
          blocks prefetched in accordance with an instruction prefetch                
          mechanism, but not referenced by a central processing unit are              
          stored in an on-chip memory without being discarded upon                    
          replacing them by new ones in a prefetch buffer so that they                
          are to be used for memory reference at later times.                         
          The examiner relies on the following reference:                             
          Jouppi et al. (Jouppi)        5,261,066          Nov. 09, 1993              
          Claims 1-27 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  103.  As                       
          evidence of obviousness the examiner offers Jouppi taken                    
          Rather than repeat the arguments of appellants or the                       
          examiner, we make reference to the briefs and the answer for                
          the respective details thereof.                                             
          We have carefully considered the subject matter on                          


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