Ex parte BINDER et al. - Page 2

         Appeal No. 1998-3016                                                    
         Application No. 08/568,344                                              

                                  THE INVENTION                                  
              The appellants' invention relates to a flange for a                
         device which separates oil from air (specification, p. 1).  A           
         copy of the claims under appeal is set forth in the appendix            
         to the appellants' brief.1                                              
              Claims 1 and 11 are illustrative and read as follows:              
              1. An apparatus for separating an oil aerosol from air             
              a base member;                                                     
              an annular coalescer mounted on said base member via a             
         flange consisting of metal sheet coated with rubber; and                
              a housing surrounding said coalescer, said housing being           
         mounted on said base member,                                            
              wherein said flange extends between said housing and said          
         base member to form a seal therebetween.                                
              11.  An apparatus for separating an oil aerosol from air,          
              a base member including a passage for an air-oil mixture           
         and a passage for clean air;                                            
              at least two annular coalescer elements, each said                 
         coalescer element being mounted on said base member via a               
         respective flange, an exterior of each said coalescer element           
         1 Claims 4 and 14, indicated in the examiner's advisory action (Paper No. 12,
         mailed September 24, 1997) as "being allowable if rewritten in independent
         form including all the limitations of the base claim and any intervening
         claims" are not provided in appellants' appendix to the brief.          

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