Ex parte PETERSON - Page 4

            Appeal No. 1999-0263                                                      
            Application No. 08/517,902                                                

            arithmetic circuit with a ROM table.  However, Yamaguchi                  
            appears to solve the problem in a manner somewhat                         
            differently than does the instant claimed invention.                      

                 Yamaguchi is apparently interested in looking up the                 
            reciprocal of the square of the upper-bit data AH of a                    
            divisor A rather than looking up the actual estimated                     
            reciprocal term in a first lookup table, as claimed.  Also,               
            Yamaguchi does not appear to employ a second lookup table                 
            for looking up an error term, as is also claimed.                         

                 The examiner relies on Figure 14 and columns 9-11 of                 
            Yamaguchi for the teaching of the elements of the instant                 
            independent claims, identifying, at page 4 of the answer,                 
            various lines in these columns.  However, the examiner does               
            not particularly point out exactly what portions of the                   
            Yamaguchi disclosure are alleged to correspond to the                     
            instant claimed elements.                                                 

                 Apparently, the examiner is alleging that Yamaguchi’s                
            ROM 51 corresponds to the claimed second lookup table and                 
            that ROM 52 would correspond to the claimed first lookup                  
            table.  But, if this is the case, the examiner’s                          
            allegations are not borne out by the disclosure of                        


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Last modified: November 3, 2007