Ex parte BARNES et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1999-0276                                                        
          Application 08/283,099                                                      

               1.  A method for electronically controlling the timing of              
          fuel injection to start an internal combustion engine (55),                 
          comprising the steps of:                                                    
               sensing the temperature of the engine (55) and producing               
          a temperature signal (T ) indicative of the sensed engine                   
               sensing the engine speed and producing an engine speed                 
          signal (S ) indicative of a magnitude of the sensed engine                  
          speed; and                                                                  
               receiving the engine speed and temperature signals,                    
          determining the start of injection to cause combustion at                   
          substantially Top Dead Center (TDC) based on the magnitude of               
          the engine speed and temperature, and producing a timing angle              
          signal (2) representing when fuel is to be injected relative                
          to (TDC), wherein the magnitude of the timing angle signal (2)              
          includes a predetermined ignition delay from the time that                  
          fuel is injected to the start of combustion.                                
          The text of the appealed claims is set forth in Appendix A of               
          appellants' brief.                                                          
               The references applied in the final rejection are:                     
          Tsai                               4,463,733                Aug.            
          7, 1984                                                                     
          Igashira et al. (Igashira)    4,722,310                Feb.  2,             
          Barnes et al. (Barnes)        5,357,912                Oct. 25,             
                                                  (filed Feb. 26, 1993)               
               Claims 1 to 6 stand finally rejected under 35 U.S.C.                   
           103(a) as follows:                                                        


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