Ex parte KREMSMAIR et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1999-0721                                                        
          Application No. 08/683,826                                                  

          lining defining approximately radial oil grooves (4).  As                   
          recognized by the examiner, the friction lining (3) of Bauer                
          is in the form of a single continuous ring of friction                      
          material that is glued onto the supporting ring (1) and which               
          includes at least one rim of lining material (e.g., 8) that is              
          used to maintain the position                                               
          of the individual parts (e.g., 7) of the friction lining (3)                
          application thereof to the supporting ring (1).  The at least               
          one rim (8), seen in Figure 3, is removed only after the                    
          friction lining (3) is applied to the supporting ring (1).                  
          Thus, the method of manufacturing the flat friction ring of                 
          Bauer is entirely different than that set forth in appellants’              
          claims before us on appeal.                                                 

          Noting the clear differences between appellants’ method                     
          in claims 5 and 6 on appeal and that taught in Bauer, the                   
          examiner turns to the teachings of either Taylor or Winter                  
          which relate to the manufacture of non-metallic gears or                    
          pulleys by using a continuous strip of fabric, paper, felt or               
          the like that is impregnated or coated with a suitable binder               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007