Ex parte PFEUFFER et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1999-0960                                                        
          Application No. 08/785,437                                                  

          "the fold backs of [the] accordion fold pack" must be                       
          interpreted as meaning all the fold backs of the fold pack.                 
               The examiner further finds claim 1 (and claim 13) to be                
          unpatentable over Wright under  103(a) because (answer, pages              
          3 and 4):                                                                   
                    it would have been obvious to someone of                          
                    ordinary skill in the art at the time of the                      
                    invention to align the edges of the protective                    
                    mask [of Wright] with the fold backs of the                       
                    filter so that the protective mask is adhesively                  
                    attached along the entire edge of the plurality                   
                    of fold backs and so that [the] seal between the                  
                    filter and the protective mask is amplified in                    
                    strength.  Furthermore, the function of the                       
                    protective mask          adhesively                               
                                             attached to                              
                                             the filter is                            
                                             the same as                              
                                             applicants, to                           
                                             extend the                               
                                             useful life of                           
                                             the pleated                              
                                             filter (column                           
                                             1 lines 37-                              
                                             attaching the                            
                                             mask along an                            
                                             entire length                            
                                             of the fold                              
                                             backs would                              
                                             have been                                
                                             obvious for                              

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Last modified: November 3, 2007