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                 Appeal No. 1999-0983                                                                                                                   
                 Application No. 08/782,891                                                                                                             

                 specification or claims of the originally-filed application.2                                                                          

                 However, at page 6, line 26, to page 7, line 13, of the                                                                                
                 original specification appellant discloses:                                                                                            
                                   The tire bead shown in Fig. 1 comprises a bead                                                                       
                          wire 3 formed in this case by the winding of a                                                                                
                          profiled member of curved cross section.  It also                                                                             
                          comprises a carcass 1 of the monofil type anchored                                                                            
                          to the bead wire by the fact that the single cord                                                                             
                          constituting the carcass forms forward and return                                                                             
                          paths with respect to each bead wire around which it                                                                          
                          is very intimately pressed.  The carcass and the                                                                              
                          anchoring thereof to a bead wire are constructed in                                                                           
                          the manner explained in US Patent 4,801,344.  This                                                                            
                          arrangement is, to be sure, not limitative, and                                                                               
                          other arrangements can be adopted within the bead.                                                                            
                          All the components which the bead contains have not                                                                           
                          been indicated in detail since, in general, the                                                                               
                          present invention does not directly concern their                                                                             
                          selection and location, but essentially proposes a                                                                            
                          new shape for the inner edge of the bead.                                                                                     
                 Thus, the original application discloses that bead wire 3                                                                              
                 anchors the carcass.  Nevertheless, the examiner contends that                                                                         
                 there is no written description of "carcass anchoring means,"                                                                          
                 i.e., it is new matter, because (answer, page 6):                                                                                      
                          one of ordinary skill in the art would not have                                                                               
                          known from the original disclosure that the carcass                                                                           

                          2Application No. 08/284,809, filed August 2, 1994, of                                                                         
                 which the present case is a file wrapper continuation under 37                                                                         
                 CFR  1.62 (1995).                                                                                                                     

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