Ex parte KAMBOJ et al.; Ex parte FOLDES et al. - Page 6

                  Appeal No.  1999-2200                                                                                          
                  Application No.  08/896,063                                                                                    

                  the examiner’s Answers, and Supplemental Answers (when presented) for the                                      
                  examiner’s reasoning in support of the rejections.  We will further reference                                  
                  appellants’ Briefs and Reply Briefs (when presented) for appellants’ arguments in                              
                  favor of patentability.                                                                                        
                          The references relied upon by the examiners are presented below with a                                 
                  footnote corresponding to the appeal upon which they relate:                                                   
                  Bettler et al. (Bettler ‘90), “Cloning of a Novel Glutamate Receptor Subunit, GluR5:                           
                  Expression in the Nervous System during Development,” Neuron, Vol. 5, pp. 583-95                               

                  Bettler et al. (Bettler ’92), “Cloning of a Putative Glutamate Receptor: A Low Affinity                        
                  Kainate-Binding Subunit,” Neuron, Vol. 8, 257-65 (1992)7                                                       

                  Birnbaumer et al. (Birnbaumer), “Development and Characterization of a Mouse                                   
                  Cell Line Expressing the Human V2 Vasopressin Receptor Gene,” Mol. Endocrinol.,                                
                  Vol. 4(2), pp. 245-54 (1990)8                                                                                  

                  Blackstone et al., (Blackstone), “Immunological Detection of Glutamate Receptor                                
                  Subtypes in Human Central Nervous System,” Annals of Neurology, Vol. 31(6), pp.                                
                  680-83 (1992)9                                                                                                 

                  Cutting et al. (Cutting), “Cloning of the [.gamma]-aminobutyric acid (GABA) [.rho]1 cDNA: A                                
                  GABA receptor subunit highly expressed in the retina,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA,                            
                  Vol. 88, pp. 2673-677 (1991)10                                                                                 

                  Durand et al. (Durand), “Splice variants of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor NR1                              
                  identify domains involved in regulation by polyamines and protein kinase C,” Proc.                             
                  Natl. Acad. Sci., USA, Vol. 90, pp. 6731-735 (1993)11                                                          

                  Egebjerg et al. (Egebjerg), “Cloning of a cDNA for a glutamate receptor subunit                                
                  activated by kainate but not AMPA,” Nature, Vol. 351, pp. 745-48 (1991)12                                      
                  6 (Bettler ‘90) Appeal No.: 1999-0350.                                                                         
                  7 (Bettler ’92) Appeal Nos.: 1998-0217 and 1999-0399.                                                          
                  8 (Birnbaumer) Appeal No.: 1999-0350.                                                                          
                  9 (Blackstone) Appeal No.: 2000-0440.                                                                          
                  10 (Cutting) Appeal Nos.: 1997-3221, 1997-3377, and 1999-2200.                                                 
                  11 (Durand) Appeal No.: 2000-0440.                                                                             


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