MAOR V. LANGE - Page 2

          Interference No. 103,806                                                    
          Maor v. Lange                                                               

               On December 15, 1998, senior party Lange filed a paper                 
          informing the Board that junior party Maor’s involved                       
          application has been assigned to General Electric Company, the              
          assignee of the senior party’s involved application, and thus               
          the involved cases of both parties are now commonly assigned.               
          (Paper No. 13).                                                             
               On December 24, 1998, the common assignee was ordered to               
          show cause why judgment should not be entered against the                   
          junior party.  (Paper No. 15).  The paper indicated that a                  
          proper response to the show cause order can be an election of               
          the junior party as the prior inventive entity based on                     
          evidence available to the common assignee.                                  
               On June 8, 1999, party Lange filed a paper electing                    
          junior party Maor as the prior inventive entity with respect                
          to the subject matter of the count of this interference.                    
          (Paper No. 17).  It is presumed that this election is filed on              
          behalf of the real party of interest or common assignee of                  
          both party’s involved application, i.e., General Electric                   
               Based on the election by the common assignee, it is                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007