REVESZ et al. V. OLSSON et al. - Page 2

          Interference No. 104,204                                                      
          Judgment under 37 CFR  1.640(e)                                              

          Before METZ, PATE, and MARTIN, Administrative Patent Judges.                  

          MARTIN, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          
                    Paper No. 57, mailed June 20, 2000, included the                    
          following show cause order:                                                   
                         Revesz is hereby ordered pursuant to                           
                    37 CFR  1.640(d)(1) to show cause within                           
                    20 days why judgment should not be entered                          
                    against his claims 2 and 5-8 for                                    
                         (1) over the subject matter of the                             
                    lost claims and count in Interference No.                           
                    102,652 (Decisions on Motions at 8 and 11-                          
                         (2) on the ground of interference                              
                    estoppel Decisions on Motions at 15, as                             
                    corrected supra), and                                               
                         (3) over the prior art cited in                                
                    Olsson's Motion 3 (Decisions on Motions at                          
                         Revesz's failure to respond to the                             
                    show cause order will result in the entry                           
                    of judgment against claims 2 and 5-8 on all                         
                    of the foregoing grounds.                                           
                    As a result of Revesz's failure to respond to the                   
          show cause order, judgment is hereby entered pursuant to                     
          1.640(e) against Revesz's claims 2 and 5-8, Revesz's only                     
          claims that correspond to Count 1, on all of the foregoing                    
          grounds, which means Revesz is not entitled to a patent                       
          including any of those claims.                                                

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