LERNMARK et al v. TOBIN et al - Page 1

                                                            Paper No. 87              

                       UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                      
                           BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                         
                                    AND INTERFERENCES                                 
                           AKE LERNMARK, ALLAN E. KARLSEN,                           
                        CATHERINE E. GRUBIN, WILLIAM HAGOPIAN,                        
                        PATRICK J. O'HARA and DONALD C. FOSTER                        
                                      Junior Party1                                   
                            ALLAN J. TOBIN, MARK G. ERLANDER                          
                                  and DANIEL L. KAUFMAN                               
                                      Senior Party2                                   
                                Interference No. 103,154                              

          Before METZ, PATE and MARTIN, Administrative Patent Judges.                 
          METZ, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          

                    Receipt on March 16, 2000, of the paper captioned " LERNMARK      
          ET AL. REQUEST FOR ADVERSE JUDGMENT " (Paper Number 85) is                  

          1  Application Serial Number 07/702,162 filed on May 15, 1991.              
          Assigned to Board of Regents of the University of Washington,               
          Seattle, WA. and ZymoGenetics, Inc., a Corporation of WA.                   
          2  Application Serial Number 07/586,536, filed September 21,                
          1990.  Assigned to Regents of the University of California, Oakland,        

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