BRENNAN et al. V. GOLDMANN - Page 2

               Interference No. 103,692                                                                                              

                       Goldmann, the senior party, has filed pursuant to 37 CFR  1.662(a) a request for                             
               entry of an adverse judgment as to all the claims which correspond to the count in this                               
               interference. (Paper No. 93)                                                                                          
                       Accordingly, JUDGMENT as to the subject matter of the count in issue is hereby                                
               awarded to Michael W. Brennan, the junior party and awarded against Gerd Goldmann.                                    
               Accordingly, Goldmann, the senior party, is not entitled to a patent containing claims 16-19                          
               and 21-29 corresponding to the count and Brennan, the junior party, is entitled to his patent                         
               containing claims 1-9 .                                                                                               

                                      MARY F. DOWNEY                )                                                               
                                       Administrative Patent Judge   )                                                               
                                       ANDREW H. METZ                 ) BOARD OF PATENT                                              
                               Administrative Patent Judge   )  APPEALS AND                                                          
                               ) INTERFERENCES                                                                                       
                                      TEDDY S. GRON                    )                                                            
                                       Administrative Patent Judge   )                                                               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007