HUANG et al. V. HARADA et al. - Page 2

          Interference No. 104,203                                                    
          Huang v. Harada                                                             

          cause why judgment should not be entered against party Huang.               
          (Paper No. 31).  Party Huang has not responded to the show                  
          cause order within the time period for filing such a response.              
          Accordingly, it is                                                          
               ORDERED that judgment is herein entered against junior                 
          party Huang;                                                                
               FURTHER ORDERED that Yuan-Chang Huang is not entitled to               
          a patent containing his claims 1-20 which correspond to the                 
          count; and                                                                  
               FURTHER ORDERED that Shigeru Harada, Takashi Yamashita,                
          Noriaki Fujiki, and Tsutomu Tanaka, on this record, are                     
          entitled to their application claims 1-14 which correspond to               
          the count.                                                                  

                         FRED E. McKELVEY, Senior   )                                 
                         Administrative Patent Judge)                                 
                         )                                  BOARD OF                  
                         RICHARD E. SCHAFER            )     APPEALS                  

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Last modified: November 3, 2007