GEORGE et al. V. KRASKE - Page 2

               On April 27, 2000, a paper was submitted by counsel for                
          the senior party, Mr. Bruce B. Brunda, entitled “Submission of              
          Patent Assignments and Identification of Prevailing Party”                  
          (Paper No. 32).  The paper stated that the involved                         
          applications of both the junior and the senior party in this                
          interference are now commonly owned by Integrated Medical                   
          Systems, Inc.  Mr. Brunda also stated:                                      
                    Integrated Medical Systems, Inc., the common                      
               assignee of both the Junior Party application and                      
               the Senior Party application, hereby advises the                       
               Board that the Junior Party, i.e., Frederick W.                        
               George, III, and Wolfgang F. Kraske are the                            
               prevailing parties in this interference.  An Order                     
               identifying the Junior Party as the prevailing party                   
               in this proceeding is therefore requested.                             
               This interference was declared on September 9, 1999, and               
          no preliminary motion has been filed by either party in this                
               In light of the election by the common assignee, the                   
          request for entry of adverse judgment against the senior party              
          is granted.  It is                                                          
               ORDERED that judgment as to the subject matter of the                  
          count is herein entered against the senior party WOLFGANG F.                

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Last modified: November 3, 2007