NATSOULIS et al. V. WIENER et al. - Page 3

          cc (via First Class Mail):                                                  
          Attorney for Natsoulis                                                      
          (real party in interest:                                                    
          Avigen Incorporated):                                                       
               Peter G. Carroll, Esq.                                                 
               Kamrin T. MacKnight, Esq.                                              
               MEDLEN & CARROLL, LLP                                                  
               220 Montgomery Street                                                  
               Suite 2200                                                             
               San Francisco, CA  94104                                               
               Tel:      415-705-8410                                                 
               Fax:      415-397-8338                                                 

          Attorney for Wiener                                                         
          (real party in interest:                                                    
          United States of America as represented by                                  
          the Secretary of Health and Human Services):                                
               Jeffrey B. Burgan, Esq.                                                
               Bruce M. Gagala, Esq.                                                  
               LEYDIG, VOIT & MAYER, LTD.                                             
               Two Prudential Plaza                                                   
               Suite 4900                                                             
               Chicago, IL 60601                                                      
               Tel:      312-616-5600                                                 
               Fax:      312-616-5700                                                 
          Attorney for the United States:                                             
               Hon. Vito J. DiPietro, Director                                        
               Commercial Litigation                                                  
               Civil Division                                                         
               U.S. Department of Justice                                             
               Washington, D.C.  20530                                                
               Tel:      202-514-7223                                                 
               Fax:      202-514-6681                                                 

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Last modified: November 3, 2007