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                         The opinion in support of the decision being                 
                       entered today is not binding precedent of the Board.           
          Paper 14                                                                    
          Filed by:  Trial Section Merits Panel                                       
          Box Interference                                                            
          Washington, D.C.  20231                                                     
          Tel:  703-308-9797                                                          
          Fax:  703-305-0942                                                          
                      UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                       
                         BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                           
                                  AND INTERFERENCES                                   
                    WOLFGANG SCHOLZ, UDO ALBUS and PETER CRAUSE,                      
                                    Junior Party,                                     
                                (Patent 5,852,046),                                   
                   MASAHUMI KITANO, KASUHIRO NAKANO, HIDEKI YAGI,                     
                 NAOHITO OHASHI, ATSUYUKI KOJIMA, TSUYOSHI NOGUCHI,                   
                                and AKIRA MIYAGISHI,                                  
                                    Senior Party                                      
                              (Application 08/544,292).                               
                           Patent Interference No. 104,487                            
          Before:  McKELVEY, Senior Administrative Patent Judge, and                  
          SCHAFER and LEE, Administrative Patent Judges.                              

          McKELVEY, Senior Administrative Patent Judge.                               

                         JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO 37 CFR  1.640                          
               A telephone conference call was held on 15 March 2000, at              
          approximately 9:30 a.m. (0930 hours, Eastern Time), involving:              

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