California Business and Professions Code Section 21709

CA Bus & Prof Code § 21709 (2017)  

Prior to any sale pursuant to Section 21707, any person claiming a right to the goods may pay the amount necessary to satisfy the lien together with one month’s rent in advance. In that event, the goods shall not be sold, but shall be retained by the owner pending a court order directing the disposition of the property. If a court order is not obtained within 30 days following the date of the payment pursuant to this section, the claimant shall pay the owner the monthly rental charge for the space where the property is stored pursuant to the terms of the rental agreement. If the claimant does not pay this rent, the owner may sell or dispose of the personal property in accordance with Section 21707. The owner shall have no liability for the sale or other disposition of the personal property to any claimant who fails to secure a court order or pay the required rental charge as set forth in this section, provided the owner has fully complied with the requirements of this chapter.

(Amended by Stats. 2010, Ch. 439, Sec. 5. (AB 655) Effective January 1, 2011.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018