California Business and Professions Code Section 7507.3

CA Bus & Prof Code § 7507.3 (2017)  

A repossession agency shall be required to keep and maintain adequate records of all transactions, including, but not limited to, assignment or repossession order forms; vehicle report of repossession required by Section 28 of the Vehicle Code; vehicle condition reports, including odometer readings, if available; personal effects inventory; notice of seizure; and records of all transactions pertaining to the sale of collateral that has been repossessed, including, but not limited to, bids solicited and received, cash received, deposits made to the trust account, remittances to the seller, and allocation of any moneys not so remitted to appropriate ledger accounts. Records, including bank statements of the trust account, shall be retained for a period of not less than four years and shall be available for examination by the bureau upon demand. In addition, collateral and personal effects storage areas shall be made accessible for inspection by the bureau upon demand. An assignment or repossession order form may be an original, a photocopy, a facsimile copy, or a copy stored in an electronic format.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 509, Sec. 3. (AB 1859) Effective January 1, 2017.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018