California Code of Civil Procedure Section 874.010

CA Civ Pro Code § 874.010 (2017)  

The costs of partition include:

(a) Reasonable attorney’s fees incurred or paid by a party for the common benefit.

(b) The fee and expenses of the referee.

(c) The compensation provided by contract for services of a surveyor or other person employed by the referee in the action.

(d) The reasonable costs of a title report procured pursuant to Section 872.220 with interest thereon at the legal rate from the time of payment or, if paid before commencement of the action, from the time of commencement of the action.

(e) Other disbursements or expenses determined by the court to have been incurred or paid for the common benefit.

(Added by Stats. 1976, Ch. 73.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018