California Code of Civil Procedure Section 921

CA Civ Pro Code § 921 (2017)  

An appeal by a party who has levied an attachment shall not continue in force the attachment, unless an undertaking is executed and filed on the part of the appellant that the appellant will pay all costs and damages which the respondent may sustain by reason of the attachment, in case the order of the court below is sustained in favor of the respondent; and unless, within five days after written notice of the entry of the order appealed from, the appeal is perfected. The amount of the undertaking on appeal required by this section shall be such amount as is fixed by the trial court on motion of the respondent as provided in Section 489.410 and if no such order has been made, the undertaking shall be in double the amount of the debt claimed by the appellant. If the respondent is not satisfied with the undertaking in double the amount of the debt or the amount fixed by order under Section 489.410, the trial court upon motion of the respondent made within 60 days after perfecting the appeal may order an increase in the amount of the undertaking in such amount as is justified by the detriment reasonably to be anticipated by continuing the attachment. If such an order is made, the attachment shall be discharged and the property released therefrom, unless the undertaking is executed and filed within 10 days after the order is made.

(Amended by Stats. 1982, Ch. 517, Sec. 160.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018