California Corporations Code Section 417

CA Corp Code § 417 (2017)  

If the shares of the corporation are classified or if any class of shares has two or more series, there shall appear on the certificate or, in the case of uncertificated securities, the initial transaction statement and written statements, one of the following:

(a) A statement of the rights, preferences, privileges and restrictions granted to or imposed upon each class or series of shares authorized to be issued and upon the holders thereof.

(b) A summary of such rights, preferences, privileges and restrictions with reference to the provisions of the articles and any certificates of determination establishing the same.

(c) A statement setting forth the office or agency of the corporation from which shareholders may obtain, upon request and without charge, a copy of the statement referred to in subdivision (a).

(Amended by Stats. 1986, Ch. 766, Sec. 17.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018