California Education Code Section 44958

CA Educ Code § 44958 (2017)  

If the services of any probationary employee are terminated, or if such employee is dismissed, because of a reduction in the attendance of pupils or the discontinuance of a particular kind of service, and such employee is reemployed within a period of 39 months from the last day of the school year within which his service was so terminated, or within 39 months after the cessation of hostilities, if such reduction in attendance or discontinuance of service was due to war conditions, the period of his absence shall not count as a part of the service required as a condition precedent to the classification of such employee as a permanent employee of the district, but such absence shall not be construed as a break in the continuity of the service of such employee.

Every such probationary employee who has been reemployed as indicated in this section shall have all of the rights enumerated in Sections 44955 to 44961, inclusive, for permanent employees, except the right of reappointment, subject only to the prior rights of permanent employees.

The provisions of this section shall apply to any probationary employee who shall be or who shall have been dismissed or terminated after January 1, 1949, because of reduction in attendance or discontinuance of a particular kind of service.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018