California Health and Safety Code Section 2007

CA Health & Safety Code § 2007 (2017)  

(a)  Except as provided in this section, territory, whether incorporated or unincorporated, whether contiguous or noncontiguous, may be included in a district. Territory that is already within a mosquito abatement and vector control district formed pursuant to this chapter may not be included within another mosquito abatement and vector control district.

(b)  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000, Division 3 (commencing with Section 56000) of Title 5 of the Government Code, shall govern any change of organization or reorganization of a district. In the case of any conflict between that division and this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall prevail.

(c)  A district shall be deemed an “independent special district,” as defined by Section 56044 of the Government Code.

(Added by Stats. 2002, Ch. 395, Sec. 6. Effective January 1, 2003.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018