California Labor Code Section 220.2

CA Labor Code § 220.2 (2017)  

Contributions to vacation allowances, pension or retirement funds, sick leave, and health and welfare benefits on behalf of persons employed by any county, political subdivision, incorporated city or town or other municipal corporations may be made in the same manner and on the same basis as made by private employers.

Payments made by the employing agency to any such fund on behalf of any employee shall be in lieu of benefits such as vacation allowance, pension or retirement fund, sick leave, and health and welfare benefits which are now or may hereafter be granted directly by the employing agency in accordance with law.

This section shall only apply to nonpermanent laborers, workmen, and mechanics employed on an hourly or per diem basis.

The employing agency is empowered to determine the equitable application of this section to insure that the employees receive benefits comparable to, but not in excess of those provided in comparable private employment.

The employing agency shall make payments only to plans which meet the following standards:

1. A plan office is located within the State of California.

2. Any fund connected with the plan is required to be audited at least annually by an independent, licensed certified public accountant.

3. Each trustee or administrator of the fund or plan authorized to receive, handle, deal with or draw upon the assets of the fund or plan is required to be bonded.

(Amended by Stats. 1969, Ch. 1230.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018