California Public Resources Code Section 25470

CA Pub Res Code § 25470 (2017)  

As used in this chapter:

(a) “Act” means the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5).

(b) “Allocation” means a loan of funds by the Department of General Services pursuant to the procedures specified in this chapter.

(c) “Building” means any existing structure that includes a heating or cooling system, or both. Additions to an existing building shall be considered part of that building rather than a separate building.

(d) “Department” means the Department of General Services.

(e) “Energy audit” means a determination of the energy consumption characteristics of a building that does all of the following:

(1) Identifies the type, size, and energy use level of the building and the major energy using systems of the building.

(2) Determines appropriate energy conservation maintenance and operating procedures.

(3) Indicates the need, if any, for the acquisition and installation of energy conservation measures.

(f) “Energy conservation maintenance and operating procedure” means a modification or modifications in the maintenance and operations of a building, and any installations therein, based on the use time schedule of the building that are designed to reduce energy consumption in the building and that require no significant expenditure of funds.

(g) “Energy conservation measure” means an installation or modification of an installation in a building that is primarily intended to reduce energy consumption or allow the use of a more cost-effective energy source.

(h) “Energy conservation project” means an undertaking to acquire and to install one or more energy conservation measures in a building, and technical assistance in connection with that undertaking.

(i) “Fund” means the Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund or the Energy Efficiency Retrofit State Revolving Fund.

(j) “Project” means a purpose for which an allocation may be requested and made under this chapter. Those purposes shall include energy audits, energy conservation and operating procedures, and energy conservation measures in existing buildings, and energy conservation projects.

(k) “State agency” means a unit of state government, including any department, agency, board, or commission under the State of California.

(l) “State-owned building” means a building that is primarily occupied by offices or agencies of a unit of state government and includes those properties owned by the State of California.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch. 36, Sec. 14. (SB 862) Effective June 20, 2014.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018