California Water Code Section 9616

CA Water Code § 9616 (2017)  

(a) The plan shall include a description of both structural and nonstructural means for improving the performance and elimination of deficiencies of levees, weirs, bypasses, and facilities, including facilities of the State Plan of Flood Control, and, wherever feasible, meet multiple objectives, including each of the following:

(1) Reduce the risk to human life, health, and safety from flooding, including protection of public safety infrastructure.

(2) Expand the capacity of the flood protection system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley to either reduce floodflows or convey floodwaters away from urban areas.

(3) Link the flood protection system with the water supply system.

(4) Reduce flood risks in currently nonurbanized areas.

(5) Increase the engagement of local agencies willing to participate in improving flood protection, ensuring a better connection between state flood protection decisions and local land use decisions.

(6) Improve flood protection for urban areas to the urban level of flood protection.

(7) Promote natural dynamic hydrologic and geomorphic processes.

(8) Reduce damage from flooding.

(9) Increase and improve the quantity, diversity, and connectivity of riparian, wetland, flood plain, and shaded riverine aquatic habitats, including the agricultural and ecological values of these lands.

(10) Minimize the flood management system operation and maintenance requirements.

(11) Promote the recovery and stability of native species populations and overall biotic community diversity.

(12) Identify opportunities and incentives for expanding or increasing use of floodway corridors.

(13) Provide a feasible, comprehensive, and long-term financing plan for implementing the plan.

(14) Identify opportunities for reservoir reoperation in conjunction with groundwater flood storage.

(b) The plan shall include a prioritized list of recommended actions to reduce flood risks and meet the objectives described in subdivision (a).

(Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 364, Sec. 9. Effective January 1, 2008.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018