Florida Statutes Section 55.206 - Amendment Of Judgment Lien File; Termination, Partial Release, Assignment, Continuation, Tolling, Correction. (Fla. Stat. § 55.206)

55.206 Amendment of judgment lien file; termination, partial release, assignment, continuation, tolling, correction.—

(1) An amendment to a judgment lien acquired as provided under s. 55.202 may be filed by or on behalf of the judgment creditor of record, which may provide for:

(a) The termination, partial release, or assignment of the judgment creditor’s interest in a judgment lien;

(b) The continuation and termination of the continuation of a judgment lien, as provided in s. 55.204(4);

(c) The tolling and termination of the tolling of a lapse of a judgment lien, as provided in s. 55.204(5); or

(d) The correction or change of any other information provided in the judgment lien file.

(2) Within 30 days following receipt of a written demand by a judgment debtor after the obligation underlying a judgment lien has been fully or partially released, the judgment lienholder must deliver to the judgment debtor a written statement indicating that there is no longer a claim for a lien on the personal property of the judgment debtor or that the judgment lien has been partially released and setting forth the value of the lien remaining unpaid as of the date of the statement. A statement signed by an assignee must include or be accompanied by a separate written acknowledgment of assignment signed by or for the benefit of the judgment creditor of record. If the judgment lienholder fails to deliver such a statement within 30 days after proper written demand therefor, the judgment lienholder is liable to the judgment debtor for $100, and for any actual or consequential damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, caused by such failure to the judgment debtor. The judgment debtor, the judgment creditor, or assignee may file such statement with the Department of State.

History.—s. 13, ch. 2000-258; s. 6, ch. 2001-154.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016