Florida Statutes Section 64.071 - Sale Where Nondivisible. (Fla. Stat. § 64.071)

64.071 Sale where nondivisible.—

(1) ORDER OF SALE.—If the commissioners report that the lands of which partition is directed are so situated that partition cannot be made without prejudice to the owners and if the court is satisfied that such report is correct, the court may order the land to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder by the commissioners or the clerk and the money arising from such sale paid into the court to be divided among the parties in proportion to their interest.

(2) CONDITIONS OF SALE.—For good cause the court may order the sale made on reasonable credit for part or all of the purchase money, but at least one-third of the purchase money shall be paid down unless all parties consent to credit otherwise. The purchase money not paid down shall be secured by a mortgage on the land and such other security as the court directs.

(3) CONFIRMATION OF SALE AND CONVEYANCE.—The sale shall be reported to the court, unless sold by the clerk under s. 45.031, and the money arising therefrom paid into court and the sale approved by the court and a conveyance ordered before any conveyance pursuant to the sale is made.

History.—ss. 8, 9, 10, Mar. 14, 1844; RS 1496; GS 1945; RGS 3208; CGL 5000; s. 19, ch. 67-254.

Note.—Former s. 66.07.

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