Florida Statutes Section 92.28 - Records Destroyed By Fire; Land Title Suits; What May Be Received In Evidence. (Fla. Stat. § 92.28)

92.28 Records destroyed by fire; land title suits; what may be received in evidence.—In all suits or proceedings concerning any land, or any estate, interest or right in, or any lien or encumbrance upon the same, when it shall be made to appear that the original of any deed, conveyance, map, plat or other written or record evidence has been lost or destroyed, or is not in the power, custody or control of the party wishing to use it on the trial to produce same, and the record thereof has been heretofore destroyed by fire, the court shall receive all such evidence as may have a bearing on the case to establish the execution or contents of any deed, conveyance, map, plat record, or other written evidence so lost or destroyed; provided, that the testimony of the parties themselves shall be received only in such cases, and subject to all the qualifications in respect to such testimony as now provided by law; and provided further, that any writing in the hands of any person or persons, which may become admissible in evidence under the provisions of this section, or any part of this law, shall be rejected and not admitted as evidence, unless the same appear upon the face thereof without erasure, blemish, alteration, interlineation or interpolation in any material part, unless the same shall be explained to the satisfaction of the court, and appear fairly and honestly made in the ordinary course of business.

History.—s. 5, ch. 4951, 1901; GS 1532; RGS 2732; CGL 4404.

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