Florida Statutes Section 92.39 - Evidence Of Individual’s Claim Against The State In Suits Between Them. (Fla. Stat. § 92.39)

92.39 Evidence of individual’s claim against the state in suits between them.—In suits between the state and individuals, no claim for a credit shall be allowed upon trial, but such as shall appear to have been presented to the Chief Financial Officer for his or her examination, and by him or her disallowed in whole or in part, unless it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant is, at the time of the trial, in possession of vouchers not before in the defendant’s power to procure, and that the defendant was prevented from exhibiting a claim for such credit at the Chief Financial Officer’s office by unavoidable accident.

History.—s. 4, Feb. 10, 1837; RS 1122; GS 1540; RGS 2740; CGL 4412; s. 517, ch. 95-147; s. 108, ch. 2003-261.

Note.—Former s. 90.22.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016