Florida Statutes Section 186.503 - Definitions Relating To Florida Regional Planning Council Act. (Fla. Stat. § 186.503)

186.503 Definitions relating to Florida Regional Planning Council Act.—As used in this act, the term:

(1) “Comprehensive planning districts” means the geographic areas within the state specified by rule by the Executive Office of the Governor pursuant to s. 186.006.

(2) “Cross-acceptance” means a process by which a regional planning council compares plans to identify inconsistencies. Consistency between plans may be achieved through a process of negotiation involving the local governments or regional planning council which prepared the respective plans.

(3) “Elected official” means a member of the governing body of a municipality or county or an elected county official chosen by the governing body.

(4) “Existing regional planning council” means a regional planning council created by local general-purpose governments prior to October 1, 1980, pursuant to chapters 1160 and 163.

(5) “Federal” or “Federal Government” means the United States Government or any department, commission, agency, or other instrumentality thereof.

(6) “Local general-purpose government” means any municipality or county created pursuant to the authority granted under ss. 1 and 2, Art. VIII of the State Constitution.

(7) “Local health council” means a regional agency established pursuant to s. 408.033.

(8) “State” or “state government” means the government of the State of Florida or any department, commission, agency, or other instrumentality thereof.

(9) “Strategic regional policy plan” means a long-range guide for physical, economic, and social development of a comprehensive planning district which identifies regional goals and policies.

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1Note.—Transferred to ch. 186 by the reviser incident to compiling the 1984 Supplement to the Florida Statutes 1983.

Note.—Former s. 160.003.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016