Florida Statutes Section 616.251 - Florida State Fair Authority; Creation; Responsibility For Staging Annual State Fair. (Fla. Stat. § 616.251)

616.251 Florida State Fair Authority; creation; responsibility for staging annual state fair.—

(1) There is created and constituted the “Florida State Fair Authority,” a public body corporate and politic, for the purposes and with the powers set forth in this part. Such instrumentality, hereinafter referred to as “the authority,” shall have perpetual succession. For the purposes of implementing the intent of this part, the authority shall be considered an instrumentality of the state, subject to the jurisdiction of the state. Any conflict with respect to that jurisdiction will be resolved by the authority and respective state agencies.

(2) The authority shall operate under the supervision of the Commissioner of Agriculture, which supervision may include, but is not limited to, assisting, advising, and making recommendations regarding the financing and operation of the authority. In assisting and advising the authority, the Commissioner of Agriculture may make appropriate staff of the department available to the authority.

(3) The authority is charged with the responsibility of staging an annual fair to serve the entire state. Cash premiums or awards may be given to exhibitors.

(4) The principal offices of the authority shall be in such place or places in or near the City of Tampa as the authority may from time to time designate.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016