Georgia Code § 40-6-391.2 - Seizure and Civil Forfeiture of Motor Vehicle Operated by Habitual Violator.

(a) Any motor vehicle operated by a person who has been declared a habitual violator for three violations of Code Section 40-6-391, whose license has been revoked, and who is arrested and charged with a violation of Code Section 40-6-391 is declared to be contraband and subject to forfeiture in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 16 of Title 9.

(b) In any case where a vehicle which is the only family vehicle is determined to be subject to forfeiture, the court may, if it determines that the financial hardship to the family as a result of the forfeiture and sale outweighs the benefit to the state from such forfeiture, order the title to the vehicle transferred to such other family member who is a duly licensed operator and who requires the use of such vehicle for employment or family transportation purposes. Such transfer shall be subject to any valid liens and shall be granted only once.

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Last modified: October 14, 2016