Georgia Code § 50-12-45 - Assistance by Direct-Support Organization; Contract With Organization; Pattern and Design of Games; Frequency and Sites; Subsidiary Corporations

(a) The commission may authorize a direct-support organization as defined by Code Section 50-12-40 to assist the operation of the Georgia State Games, the promotion of national and international amateur athletic competitions, and the development of Olympic training centers. The direct-support organization shall operate under contract with the Department of Natural Resources.

(b) The contract between the direct-support organization and the Department of Natural Resources shall, at a minimum, provide for:

(1) Approval of the articles of incorporation of the direct-support organization by the commission, and for the governance of the direct-support organization by members appointed by the commission and approved by the Governor;

(2) Submission of an annual budget for the approval of the commission and the Governor. The budget shall be in accordance with rules adopted by the commission;

(3) Certification by the Governor or his designee, after conducting an annual financial and performance review, that the direct-support organization is operating in compliance with the terms of the contract and in a manner consistent with the goals of the commission and in the best interest of the state. Such certification shall be made to the commission annually and reported in the official minutes of a meeting of the commission;

(4) The release and conditions for the expenditure of any state revenues;

(5) The reversion to the state of funds held in trust by the direct-support organization if the contract is terminated; and

(6) The fiscal year of the direct-support organization as beginning on July 1 and ending June 30 in each and every year.

(c) The Georgia State Games shall be patterned after the Summer Olympic games with variations as necessitated by the availability of facilities, equipment, and expertise. The games shall be designed to encourage the participation of athletes representing a broad range of age groups, skill levels, and Georgia communities. Participants shall be residents of this state. Regional competitions shall be held throughout the state, and the top qualifiers in each sport shall proceed to the final competitions to be held at a site in the state having the necessary facilities and equipment for conducting the competitions.

(d) The commission shall determine the frequency of the Georgia State Games and shall select the sites of the final competition and regional competitions.

(e) The commission is authorized to incorporate one or more nonprofit corporations as subsidiary corporations of the commission for the purpose of carrying out any of the powers of the commission and to accomplish any of the purposes of the commission. Any subsidiary corporations created pursuant to this subsection shall be created pursuant to Chapter 3 of Title 14, the "Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code," and the Secretary of State shall be authorized to accept such filings. Upon dissolution of any subsidiary corporation of the commission, any assets shall revert to the commission or to any successor to the commission or, failing such succession, to the State of Georgia.

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Last modified: October 14, 2016