Hawaii Revised Statutes 246-9 Maps.

§246-9 Maps. The department of taxation shall provide, for each taxation district, maps drawn to appropriate scale, showing all parcels, blocks, lots, or other divisions of land based upon ownership, and their areas or dimensions, numbered or otherwise designated in a systematic manner for convenience of identification, valuation, and assessment. The maps, as far as possible, shall show the names of owners of each division of land, and shall be revised from time to time as ownerships change and as further divisions of parcels occur. The department shall also maintain, as and when such information is available, maps showing present use, zoning, and physical use capabilities of land within each taxation district for the guidance of assessors and the information of various tax review tribunals and the general public.

The director of taxation may charge fees for the use and other disposition of tracings of these maps, including copies or prints made therefrom, by private persons or firms as provided for in section 92-22. [L 1932 2d, c 40, §35; RL 1935, §1932; RL 1945, §5145; am L 1947, c 8, §1; RL 1955, §128-8; am L Sp 1957, c 1, §14(b); am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §16; am L 1964, c 2, §2; am L 1967, c 37, §§1, 2; HRS §246-9; am L 1977, c 99, §2]


Section 92-22 referred to in text is repealed.

Attorney General Opinions

Department not legally required to revise maps with respect to dimension or ownership without owner submitting proof of record title. Att. Gen. Op. 64-39.

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Last modified: October 27, 2016