Hawaii Revised Statutes 321d-1 Interdepartmental Cluster for Services to Children; Establishment, Functions.

§321D-1 Interdepartmental cluster for services to children; establishment, functions. (a) There is established a statewide interdepartmental cluster for services to children within the department of health which shall be comprised of representatives of major child-serving agencies with statewide authority and responsibility. The cluster shall include the department of education, the department of health, the department of human services, the judiciary, the office of the governor, and the office of youth services as regular members. The department of health shall staff the cluster and provide an identified place where development and coordination of service plans and programs for the multisystem children having severe emotional and developmental problems may be done on a systematic basis.

(b) The statewide interdepartmental cluster shall:

(1) Establish interdepartmental clusters at the local level;

(2) Establish written policies and procedures for both itself and the local clusters;

(3) Review and make recommendations on individual cases referred by local clusters or by directors of child-serving departments or agencies that have documentation that various county or local agencies have jointly attempted to develop programs and funding to meet the child's need, and that existing or alternative programs and funding have been exhausted or are insufficient or inappropriate in view of the distinctive nature of the child's situation;

(4) Develop written, comprehensive, and coordinated service plans for individual multineeds children for implementation by local clusters and, where required, utilize funds appropriated to it to assist local clusters in implementing such plans;

(5) Identify a single local agency to provide case management for each case accepted by the statewide cluster;

(6) Monitor each case; and

(7) Adjust policies and procedures and develop training which will ensure appropriate services for multisystem involved children at both the state and local levels. [L 1987, c 342, §2; am L 1988, c 141, §25; am L 1993, c 38, §1; am L 1996, c 298, §4]

Section: 321d-1  

Last modified: October 27, 2016