Hawaii Revised Statutes 327-51 Exemption From Strict Liability.

Revision Note

This part was renumbered from part IV.

[§327-51] Exemption from strict liability. No physician, surgeon, hospital, blood bank, tissue bank, or other person or entity who donates, obtains, prepares, transplants, injects, transfuses, or otherwise transfers, or who assists or participates in obtaining, preparing, transplanting, injecting, transfusing, or otherwise transferring any tissue, organ, blood or component thereof, from one or more persons, living or dead, to another person, shall be liable as a result of any such activity, save and except that each such person or entity shall remain liable for the person's or its own negligence or wilful misconduct. [L 1971, c 102, §1; gen ch 1985]

Law Journals and Reviews

Tort and Insurance "Reform" in a Common Law Court. 14 UH L. Rev. 55.

Case Notes

Blood shield law precluded strict liability but not negligence claims of hemophiliac exposed to AIDS virus through injections of blood component, although actual tortfeasor was not identified, under market-share theory of liability. 72 H. 416, 823 P.2d 717; 971 F.2d 375.

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Last modified: October 27, 2016