Hawaii Revised Statutes 328c-7 Recordkeeping.

[§328C-7] Recordkeeping. [Section repealed on July 1, 2010. L 2004, c 190, §11.] (a) All previously dispensed prescription drugs donated to repository entities shall be recorded by the institutional facility. Records shall be retained by the institutional facility for five years and shall include the following information:

(1) The name and address of the donating institutional facility;

(2) The name and strength of the drug;

(3) The name of the manufacturer or the national drug code;

(4) The quantity of the drug;

(5) The expiration or use by date of the drug;

(6) The date the drug was sent to the repository entity or any other agent for final disposition;

(7) The name of the repository entity, or any other agent that received or is to receive the drug for final disposition and a description of the disposition, such as donated, disposed, or destroyed; and

(8) The initials of the person making the entry.

(b) The institutional facility's records of drugs subject to donation to repository entities shall be copied and used as a manifest for the products sent to the recipient repository entity.

(c) All institutional facility and repository records shall be subject to audit by agents of the director of human services or director of health. [L 2004, c 190, pt of §3]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016