Hawaii Revised Statutes 342j-6 Furnishing of Information and Entry and Inspection of Premises.

§342J-6 Furnishing of information and entry and inspection of premises. (a) For purposes of enforcing the provisions of this chapter, any person who generates, stores, treats, transports, disposes of, or otherwise handles or has handled hazardous waste shall, upon request of any duly authorized representative of the director, furnish information relating to such wastes and permit such representative at all reasonable times to have access to, and to copy all records relating to such wastes.

(b) For purposes of enforcing the provisions of this chapter the authorized representative may:

(1) Enter at reasonable times any establishment or other place where hazardous wastes are or have been generated, stored, treated, disposed of, or transported from;

(2) Inspect and obtain samples of any such wastes and samples of any containers or labeling for such wastes; and

(3) Obtain any other information for purposes of determining compliance with the provisions of this chapter, including financial information.

Each such inspection shall be commenced and completed with reasonable promptness. [L 1989, c 212, pt of §5; am L 1991, c 259, §7]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016