Hawaii Revised Statutes 344. State Environmental Policy

  • 344-1 Purpose.
    The purpose of this chapter is to establish a state policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between people and their environment, promote...
  • 344-2 Definitions.
    As used in this chapter unless the context otherwise requires: "Agency" means any department, office, board, or commission of the State or county government...
  • 344-3 Environmental Policy.
    It shall be the policy of the State, through its programs, authorities, and resources to: (1) Conserve the natural resources, so that land, water,...
  • 344-4 Guidelines.
    In pursuance of the state policy to conserve the natural resources and enhance the quality of life, all agencies, in the development of programs,...


Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2017 or until completion. L 2012, c 218.

Cross References

Development of environmental goals and objectives by department of health, see 321-1.1.

Law Journals and Reviews

A Suggested Framework for Judicial Review of Challenges to the Adequacy of an Environmental Impact Statement Prepared under the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act. 18 UH L. Rev. 719.

Determining the Expiration Date of an Environmental Impact Statement: When to Supplement a Stale EIS in Hawai i. 35 UH L. Rev. 249 (2013).

Last modified: October 27, 2016