Hawaii Revised Statutes 448h-5 Powers and Duties of the Board.

§448H-5 Powers and duties of the board. In addition to any other powers and duties authorized by law, the board shall:

(1) Adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91 to carry out the purposes of this chapter;

(2) Develop, apply, review and upgrade appropriate techniques, including examinations and investigations for determining whether a person meets the requirements of this chapter and standards to insure that elevator mechanics will be persons qualified to serve as such;

(3) Prescribe, at a minimum, that a nationally recognized examination, augmented with locally developed material, be used in testing for licensure, the passing grade for the examination to be not less than seventy per cent;

(4) Issue licenses to persons determined, after application of those techniques, to have met the required qualifications and revoke or suspend licenses, previously issued by the board pursuant to hearings held in accordance with chapter 91, in any case where the individual holding any license is determined substantially to have failed to conform to the required qualifications, this chapter, or the rules of the board;

(5) Establish and carry out procedures designed to insure that persons licensed as elevator mechanics will, during any period they serve as such, comply with the requirements of this chapter, the rules of the board, and chapter 397 and rules adopted thereunder;

(6) Receive, investigate, and take appropriate action with respect to, any charge or complaint filed with the board to the effect that any individual licensed as an elevator mechanic has failed to comply with the requirements of this chapter regarding any complaint regarding job performance by mechanics, the rules of the board, or chapter 397 and the rules adopted thereunder;

(7) Register apprentice elevator mechanics;

(8) Maintain a record of its proceedings;

(9) Assist and advise the department of labor and industrial relations in the adoption of rules relating to the conditions of work for elevator mechanics including requirements related to equipment or facilities essential for the safe installation, repair, maintenance, or alteration of any elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator, moving walk or ramp, and lift; and

(10) Notify the department of labor and industrial relations of any fact or situation that, in the opinion of the board, constitutes a violation of chapter 397 or of any rule adopted thereunder. [L 1971, c 190, pt of §1; am L 1973, c 181, §1; am L 1979, c 217, §4; am L 1983, c 36, §4; am L 1985, c 198, §2; am L 1992, c 202, §88; gen ch 1993]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016