Hawaii Revised Statutes 451d. Health Care Professionals

  • 451d-1 Construction of Laws.
    The purpose of licensing health care professionals is to protect the public health and safety and the general welfare of the people of this...
  • 451d-2 Definitions.
    Solely for the purpose of this chapter: "Board" means the board of dental examiners, the Hawaii medical board, the board of psychology, the board...
  • 451d-3 Powers.
    (a) In addition to any other powers conferred by law, the boards shall have the following powers: (1) To establish by rule an inactive...
  • 451d-4 Advisory Committees.
    (a) The director of commerce and consumer affairs may establish advisory committees, the members of which shall serve as consultants to the boards in...

Cross References

Client-patient referrals, health care provider practices regulated, see 431:10C-308.7.

Diversion program for chemically dependent nurses, see chapter 334D.

Health care peer review, see chapter 671D.

Mental health, alcohol, or drug abuse treatment reviews, see chapter 334B.

Primary health care incentive program, see 321-1.5.

Last modified: October 27, 2016