Hawaii Revised Statutes 657d-37 Guarantee of Premiums and Interest by State; Settlement of Amounts Due Upon Expiration of Protection; Subrogation of State Crediting Debt Repayments.

[§657D-37] Guarantee of premiums and interest by State; settlement of amounts due upon expiration of protection; subrogation of state crediting debt repayments. Payment of premiums and interest thereon at the rate specified in section 657D-36 becoming due on a policy while protected under this part is guaranteed by the State, and if the amount so guaranteed is not paid to the insurer prior to the expiration of the period of insurance protection under this part, the amount then due shall be treated by the insurer as a policy loan. If at the expiration of that period the cash surrender value is less than the amount then due, the policy shall then cease and the State shall pay the insurer the difference between the amount and the cash surrender value. The amount paid by the State to an insurer on account of applications approved under this part shall become a debt due to the State by the insured on whose account payment was made and, notwithstanding any other law, the amount may be collected either by deduction from any amount due the insured by the State or as otherwise authorized by law. Any moneys received as repayment of debt incurred under this part shall be credited to the appropriation for the payment of claims under this part. [L 1994, c 257, pt of §2]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016